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Taiwan Street View

Updated: May 27, 2021

I got the inspiration when I was waiting for a red light on the street. I saw a man riding his scooter to deliver a heavy gas cylinder. However, the shape of the gas cylinder looked similar to the juice bottle. Suddenly, I started imagining what will happen if a huge bottle of juice sprays on the street. Will the accident causes a traffic jam? How will the pedestrians react in this situation? I turned all these imaginations into my work.

Taiwan has the highest scooter density in the world by far.

The scooter has become convenient transportation for Taiwanese to travel and deliver things like food, post, or gas. However, the gas has to be delivered doorstep to doorstep in rural areas where natural gas pipelines have not been developed. That is why sometimes we can see people riding the scooter to deliver gas to each household.

It is common to see a variety of signboards on Taiwan street.

The signboards come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. It looks like they’re competing for the public’s attention on the street. Moreover, I also draw some lanterns in the background. The red lanterns can be seen hanging in the old street, within houses, and in stores. In Taiwan, lanterns have not only used as sources of light or decoration, but they also symbolize good luck.

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