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A Lovely Park in Newhaven

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

One day, I took the bus to Newhaven with my friends. The pace in Newhaven is much slower than the place I live in. Newhaven is a good place to relax and eat fish and chips. While strolling around, I was attracted by a beautiful park called Starbank park.

When I walked into the park, I found some little surprises in this park. On the trees, I saw birdhouses and fairy doors which are made by children who live in the neighborhood. Furthermore, there is a free library where people can pick a book at random and have a read.

I set on one of the branches and gazed at the sea. At this moment, I felt peaceful and serene. I took out my sketchbook and did a rough sketch about this lovely green space. While drawing, I could imagine how excited the children are when they see the birds living in the house they made.

It is not surprising to know the Starbank park was voted as “ Best Neighborhood Park” in Scotland. The park is just like a backyard for everyone where neighbors can get in touch and children can play together. Starbank Park has become one of my favorite places in Edinburgh. I will be happy to spend my whole day here.

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