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A Black Dog in our Lives

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

I have been to Edinburgh castle several times, but it always impresses me in a different way. Sometimes the castle looks like a scene in a fairytale while snowing, sometimes it looks like a fabulous artwork when the castle glitters in the rays of the setting sun. However, the only thing that never changes is the beauty of the castle.

One time, a black dog next to me placed his front legs on the wall so that he could see the stunning landscape from the castle. This dog reminded me of a picture book I saw before called I Had a Black Dog:his name was depression which is written by Matthew Johnstone. In this book, the author uses ” black dog” as a metaphor to describe a state of depression. However, “black dog” somehow explains what we have been through during the pandemic. Many of us may all feel overwhelmed by hopelessness and despair because we are not allowed to travel or gather together. Some of the people even faced the loss of their friends and families. I hope people who have “black dogs” in their lives can remember the beautiful view in front of them when they are down. Just like what the black dog did in Edinburgh castle.

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